Yumthang & Yumthang Tsachu (hot springs)

The 2nd day trip is to Yumthang 32 kms from Lachung at an altitude of 11,800 ft. Nearby are the hotsprings (Tsachu)

Manpreeth trains his macro lens on the beautiful flowers

Androsace lehmannii

Blac-faced laughing Thrush

forest Guest house built during the colonial days houses a small museum showing photos of Yumthang 100 years back & now. a good comparative perspective

Red-billed Chough

flock of Tebetan Snow Pigeons across the Yumthang river

White-capped Redstart at Yumthang Tsachu (hot springs)

View of the Yumthang river

Could not get enough of the beautiful Primula denticulata

A view of the critically endangered Ibisbill - Yumthang is its breeding ground

whilst enjoying our lunch of tibetan biryani, sandesh & Temi Tea, this was a feast for the eyes a carpet of Primula denticulata across the Yumthang river on the opposite bank

Olive-backed Pipti

Eurasian Treecreeper camoufalged neatly by Lichens

this is no waterfall - it is a zoomed photo of a small stream at Yumthang tsachu

Tibetan Prayerflags

At rest but on alert

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