Lachung & Shingringteng

We reach the quaint and cosy village of Lachung late evening. Despite the darkness, one can see that this village, home to the Lachungpas who originally came from Tibet has developed into a small town with lodges for visting tourists. Our lodge, Seasons House run by Ganden's nephew, Tashi Lachungpa is located 2 kms uphill at Shingrengteng. Rajshree & I get a room in the old wing that has wooden panelling giving it that cosy old world charm. We are introduced to Usha Lachungpa, (Ganden's wife), a walking encyclopaedia on the bio-diversity of Sikkim. Usha was formerly working with BNHS in Mumbai and is now with the Dept of Forests & Environment,  Govt. of Sikkim. Usha and Ganden were with us throughout the trip  and  gave us excellent insight into the species as well as the culture and lfietyle of the local people.

A very cold night as we were at 8,800 ft, but the next morning arose at 4.45 a.m. This is the eastern part of the country and hence it is way ahead of the IST so the day comes early. Peered out of the window that gave us some stunning views of the snow-clad mountains above and the the village of Lachung below. A quick cup of Temi tea, & was ready to begine exploring the area around our resort that promised to be rich in birdlife. See some of the scenes below 

view of a hotel in lachung

Green-backed Tit (Parus Monticolus) with its morning breakfast

a beautiful waterfall, one of the many around

Lachung river

Flock of Red-billed Chough (pronounced Chuffs)

Faded form of the Tortoiseshell - the only butterfly we could see in the area. we shall meet this species more often on the trip in better colour & poses.

Lachung village taken from my lodge

Maupin's Pika emerging from it home

another view of the Maupin's Pika

White-collared blackbird

Rhododendron arboreum

Our lodge- Seasons House

Could be the Tree pipit

Another view of the White-collared Blackbird - a common species in the area

White-naped yuhina- taken agaisnt the sunlight hence not a good photo

Rhododendron dalhousiae

Rufous-bellied Niltava on the prayer flags

View of a Pipit- could be olive-backed

Local greens which would form part of our dinner

Cobra Lily (part of the arisienia family)

Large-billed Leaf warbler perched on Rhododendron arboreum near the Lachungpa Rinpoche's home behind season's House

Could this be rosa webbiana? experts pls confirm or ID

Rufous-gorgeted Flycatcher - skulking in the bush behind our lodge

An inscription

Primula Denticulata - beautiful gems at our feet

A better shot of the White-collared Blackbird

More for our dinner - edible fern

View from my room

another view of the Large-billed leaf Warbler


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