Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary

about 10 kms from Lachung lies the Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary. We are gradually to be acclimatised to high altitudes by going up a little higher every day. today Usha introduces us to the various species of Rhododendrons - a gorgeous sight. The season for flowering is short as the South West Monsoon has already started over North East India. we are told to be ready for rains & perhaps some snow too!
state flower of Sikkim - Rhododendron nivium

Bush of Rhododendron nivium

Rhododendorn arboreum

 These dainty flowers were common Primula denticulata

What a great combo- tortoishell sucking necktar from the Primula

Views of the snow-clad Himalays with the coniferous forests below

Taken at a distance - Yellow-billed magpie

Baby Yaks

Mama mia! - this female is on guard when Manpreet gets too close for comfort

Herd of Yaks

Mother & child
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